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Mutton Satay, The True Indonesian Delicacy Illustration: Mutton Satay. (PHOTO: Doc. TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESSITUBONDO, JAKARTASatay, one of Indonesian best dishes has been well known thought out the country. This dish has also been one of the most wanted food by the foreigner when they visit this tropical country. The local community even has various satay made of mutton, chicken or beef.

Yet, each corner the country has their very own way of cooking satay along with the sauce. Some of the will only put it in a skewer, roast it and just eat it with soy sauce, and some of them will marinated it with their very own recipe and then eat it with peanut sauce.  

We will try to guide you to make your very own Indonesian mutton satay at home. To make this, you need to prepare your mutton, soy sauce, pepper, garlic, coriander.

Make sure you have already washed the mutton but never over wash it since it will take away the real taste of satay. Dice them well, you better make it like not too thick since it will affect grilling process.   

Prepare the marinade, mic soy sauce, ground pepper and coriander and garlic into one. Marinated the diced mutton in it for at least 30 minutes.

Out the mutton on a skewer, 4 to 5 pieces in each. Grill the satays on charcoal or under electric / gas grill /pan grill. Turn them over and let it sit on the grill, and coat it with the marinade left.

Coat it twice or three times, make sure it's well cook, not over roasted so you still have a juicy mutton satay. Lift it up and you have your satay ready to be served.

You could either served your satay with peanut sauce or soy sauce. For the soy sauce you could make it by minced shallot and chili into the soy sauce. Simple, but you will really enjoy the Indonesian delicacy at your home with this recipe. Good Luck!!!. (*)

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